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Jacques Portsman
08 June 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Well, well. I finally got to check out the medical ward yesterday afternoon, although not quite in the way I'd intended to. There was a little... accident, while playing Aahnruhd, you see, when myself and two of my fellow inmates were trying it out and I became the innocent victim of competitive spirit gone awry. Let me state for the record that Aahnruhd balls are not suited for anything resembling dodge ball, and that the "no hitting below the belt" rule is suited for every sport. Lucky for me, I had plenty of help getting to the ward!

... from the prison guards. They must have heard all the arguing when they came to see what was the matter. Thanks, guys.

Anyhow, on a more positive note, the ward is a nice place. The beds there are considerably more comfortable than the one in my cell, though that could be the change of scenery talking. I also finally made acquaintance with the Rosa I've been hearing so much about! She wasn't the one to give me my examination (oh darn), but we did have a brief chat. Charming young lady, she is, and with great taste in basketball. It was nice to have someone to chat NBA finals with.

My visit was short-lived and after a routine check-up, a couple of pain-killers and a date with an ice pack, all is well. Thank goodness there was no major damage, though my mood is still a bit sore. I won't name names, but perhaps some hazelnut castles and a nice cup of coffee would help with that, hmm?

... Also, for the record, nobody won that game. I was incapacitated, and I demand a rematch.
Jacques Portsman
05 June 2010 @ 02:54 am
My, my. I haven't written since before that joke of a therapy session, have I? Shame, shame on me. And with all that's been going on! ... actually, that hasn't been too much, save for a few personal little tidbits that I think I'll keep to myself, for now.

In more exciting news, though, the NBA finals started up last night. This year, it's the Lakers and the Celtics. Which means, yet again, Phoenix has been kicked off the courts. Ha ha! Sorry, was that too soon?

I only caught the last half of the game, thanks to my allotted TV time, but it's alright since that's the half that matters. The Lakers won, but it was getting pretty heated there towards the end! There's a long-standing rivalry between them and the Celtics, which always makes for good entertainment. I don't suppose any of you reading this are from the east coast?

Also worth noting, my thanks to Ambassador Palaeno! His little Codhopian care-package came this week, and the Aahnruhd balls are here, safe 'n sound. Would one or two of my fellow inmates care to join me in the yard for a little exercise? I'll be out there getting some practice in, but I need at least one more to play an actual game! Don't leave me hangin', guys. And of course, ladies, you're welcome too.
Jacques Portsman
28 April 2010 @ 07:49 pm
So, how 'bout that police auction? I know, old news by now, but what can I say. I spend more time in the gym than here in the computer lab.

Well, the auction was rather tragic. To see my equipment sold... brand names, for mere dollars apiece! Who decided the opening bid should be that low!? What a bittersweet farewell it was. ...yeah, I know it went to a good cause. Whatever.

... Oh, and on another note, I heard someone got shot there, too. Hah! I must say, this journal feed is pretty entertaining. Honestly, some of you guys are too much.

Now then, time to go catch up with the '10 NFL draft. Looking interesting for the Lions this year!
Jacques Portsman
02 April 2010 @ 03:56 am
Oh, Mr. Edgeworth. You sure live up to your reputation, don't you?

I've heard rumors that the entire operation has been dismantled at his hands, and in only a few days' time! Ha! I suppose that's a nice smack to interpol's ego, isn't it? Apparently, even old man Alba is in custody now. I wonder if he'll end up here... wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise! I'll have to ask around.

Prison really isn't so bad, though. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm enjoying myself, but for being on the other end of the so-called justice system, I'm finding ways to keep myself busy.

Speaking of which. Despite having the internet, access is somewhat... limited. I don't suppose I could get fantasy baseball on this thing, huh? No? No. Seems like I'll need someone on the outside to fill me in this season! Any volunteers?